Nothing You Have To Do

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I used to believe there was something I needed to do to be free: Meditate. Mantra. Yoga. Inquire. Be nice. Go with the Flow. Give. Surrender. Accept. 

Eventually, I was shown, a thousand times over, that this belief had become my new (imaginary) prison.

If freedom is here and now, how can something be required to realize it? Doesn’t that belief keep us from looking in the only place worth looking?

If we have to get there then we forget to look here!

Giving up this belief has been one of the most repeatedly unnerving parts of this path.

It’s the end of (the illusion of) control.

It’s the end of seeking, trying, and striving.

It’s the end of “It will be better when…”

It’s trading a promise of Heaven (or enlightenment) for an experience of Earth (what’s here now). This includes everything I think isn’t good enough.

So if there’s nothing I have to do…If there’s nothing I even can do to be free, then what?

What do I do? How do I know if I’m getting anywhere? Or accomplishing anything? 

I don’t. 

So I just let go, over and over. And instead of doing, I let myself be done

This 5 minute recording is a gentle reminder that “doing” is not required for freedom.

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