EP 2: No Motivation? No Problem. (Podcast)

Something that you might not know about Welcoming, is that we can facilitate without needing to hear the background story. We don't need to hear content or any details about the issue you are bringing up. Stories and content are welcomed – but not required.

Our client today demonstrated what it is like to ask for support simply by saying “There is something I'd like to Welcome.”

For him it could best be labeled as Apathy, no motivation, no meaning.

Not only was this coming up for him in the moment, but also it felt like it had been a pattern.

As we begin this episode, think about any patterns in your personality that you resist or sometimes wish were different, and follow along as I facilitate Lorenz.

Thank you Lorenz for demonstrating the benefit of being with resistance in this way, rather than suppressing it or escaping from it – even though it can be uncomfortable.

In this “dance”, we flowed from apathy to relief in about 15 minutes.

Did you notice two questions that stood out to you in this facilitation?

I liked:
What if this feeling isn't yours?
What would it be like to not have a problem to solve?

If you find yourself stuck in a feeling or a pattern, try these on.

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