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Healthy Relationships:

A Workshop on Connection


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Could you welcome the relationship you desire?

Join us for a day of exploration and healing that will help you step outside the maze of thoughts and feelings about relationship… toward the open, trusting connection you desire.

This day is not only about romantic relationships.

How we relate to others is a currency. Our emotions, our energy level, our self-worth, our productivity are all intertwined with the quality of our relationships.

Are there any relationships you’d like to improve?

Coworker or Employee
Parent or Sibling
Accountant or Contractor
Yet-to-be-found Partner


What if “they” don’t have to change for you to feel better?

You will get to see where you have more power than you may know, and in different ways that you may expect.


This is NOT a day of Advice

As you may anticipate from the Welcoming Way, we are not interested in telling you what to do. 

This day of guided introspection, discovery and discussion will illuminate possibilities you didn’t know were available to you.


What if you could

  • Feel natural, playful and at ease with yourself and in your most meaningful relationships?
  • Attract and form healthy attachments with people who bring out the best in you?
  • Let go of comparison and “life story analysis paralysis” so you can accept the love being offered to you?

In this workshop you will

  • Investigate and welcome your needs and desires, even when they contradict
  • Release the apparent obstacles keeping you from the relationships you desire
  • Clarify your intentions and energize your actions in manifesting, maintaining and enjoying your healthy relationships 


Clarify Your Intentions

Getting clear on how you don’t want and how you do want to feel in this particular relationship. We welcome thoughts, patterns and emotions that no longer serve and those that have been resisted.

Face Fears & Doubts

Fears can keep us stuck in patterns and dynamics that aren’t serving us. Sometimes we aren’t even aware that we have these fears and once we acknowledge them, we can become free of them.

Take Inspired Action

Discover ways that you are willing and empowered to shift the dynamic in this relationship. The design of the day will lead to ways you can easily or courageously do things differently that will allow you to feel more free.

The goal of this workshop is for you to feel much better about your current situation and more clear and courageous about your heart’s direction.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will refund you if you don’t feel more clear, relieved, and confident by the end of this workshop (Must attend entire workshop and ask a facilitator for refund prior to end of workshop.)

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What our Community is Saying

The Welcoming Way added an indispensable lens and toolkit to my coaching & Facilitator practice. The teaching and models allowed me to start using the method ASAP.”

Sue Heilbronner

Seasoned business leader, Conscious Leadership coach, and fearless catalyst for change

This workshop was a fantastic exploration into self, into acceptance, and into letting go. I look forward to adding this to my coaching toolkit!”

Heather Frick

This was an intimate, high-intensity (but in a gentle way) learning opportunity filled with connection and challenge. I feel more excited to learn more about it now!”

Jamie Cole

Above all, what I experienced working with Ryan was clarity… I cannot recommend working with Ryan enough because the sense of relief that comes with clarity is like nothing else. You should call him today. “

Derrick Kuhn

Founder, Managing Director – Brillity Digital


The past few years had really caused me to hide my authentic self and think it wasn’t valued. I silenced my voice and chose to hide it. That had been a conflict within my soul. Thanks, Sharon, for lighting the fire and helping me see what I was blind to.”

Matt B

Director, Microsoft Corp

Meet Your Facilitators

Leah and Sharon have been close friends and collaborators for nearly a decade. They both left corporate careers to create the lives an livelihoods that they love and are as passionate about their own growth as they are supporting others in finding the freedom and joy that’s always available right here, right now.

Leah Pearlman

CoFounder / Coach

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Sharon Cavanaugh


CoFounder / Coach

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