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“Working with Leah is like having a super sensitive seer who is shining her light of awareness on me. She reflects myself to me with such precision, that I can unwind old patterns with ease. Her curiosity is infectious and it never feels like work, it’s fun, engaging, and powerful. I have not met anyone who matches her refinement and skill with leading people through Welcoming. The work I have done with her continues to ripple in my life everyday.”

Grace C.
The Conscious Leadership Group 

“My coaching work with Sharon has been life changing. In only a few (incredibly zenful) sessions, I’ve been able to work through pieces of resistance that I didn’t even realize I was carrying. I’ve come out on the other side of heavy chest-caving fear and gripping hesitation with a new sense of lightness and ease. The Welcoming Way is a gift and I love having this tool to bring with me anywhere I go.”

Lisa B.
Author and Freelance Editor

“Above all, what I experienced working with Ryan was clarity… I cannot recommend working with Ryan enough because the sense of relief that comes with clarity is like nothing else. You should call him today. “ 

Derrick Kuhn
Founder & Managing Director, Brillity Digital 


Sharon and Leah have landed on something very special in their partnership together.

In my first session I was able to assimilate the techniques Sharon patiently guided me through. From that foundation I began to see the utility of the practice and the instant benefits to my daily pattern of life.

The transformation for me was analogous to journeying through a dark cave, seeking a source of fire, only to realize I had a torch in my hand all along. The equilibrium for my emotional self was already within my grasp.”

Foreign Policy Analyst

“Leah is so knowledgeable, so researched, and so practiced in everything herself, that she reliably opens me to more learning, freedom, and growth. ”

Michał Bortnik
Co-Founder, Marco Polo

“[Leah has] made such a tremendous impact on my life and my beingness so far! Welcoming has helped me become a much more real and true me without all the stress and drama. It is like a gift I didn’t even know I was looking for.”

Private Coaching Client

“The past few years had really caused me to hide my authentic self and think it wasn’t valued. I silenced my voice and chose to hide it. That had been a conflict within my soul. Thanks, Sharon, for lighting the fire and helping me see what I was blind to.” 

Matt B.
Director, Microsoft Corp 

“Working with Leah through something particularly painful helped me to experience and be with my strong emotions, maybe for the first time. Leah offers a place of relentless compassion and understanding that feels safe and without judgement.  After each session, I often felt exhausted, but also calm in a way I didn’t think was possible given the circumstances.  Her insight and clarity are teaching me to understand myself and my feelings in a very different way.”

Kiran D.


“The word “Welcoming” itself creates a sense of great ease in me. That experience is elevated by Leah’s exquisite presence, which affirms that yes, everything really IS welcome. She is a master teacher who embodies what she teaches and who reveals herself without a single word. Being with her is a gift.”

Nancy K.
Executive Coach


 I wanted to thank you for the workshop. It was so many things.  I think the biggest descriptors to me are expanding and liberating while also grounding.  I “know” a lot of some of this stuff on an intellectual level. But, sometimes it doesn’t hit me on a gut-knowing level until the exact moment it does.   

When you said ‘you don’t have to get fixed because there is nothing wrong and no problems to be solved.’ I thought – ‘Ahhh’. The intellectual moved to the gut. 

Jamie Cole
Operational Leader 


“This workshop was a fantastic exploration into self, into acceptance, and into letting go. I look forward to adding this to my coaching toolkit!” 

Heather Frick

My experience with Leah has been insightful and valuable. Her long-standing personal journey of self-discovery provides a solid foundation for her coaching. The pointers she’s offered based on her understanding of the Byron Katie approach, Sedona Method, and timeless Buddhist teachings have been tremendously helpful in my own growth.

Joseph R.

“The Welcoming Way added an indispensable lens and toolkit to my coaching & facilitator practice. The teaching and models allowed me to start using the method ASAP.” 

Sue Heilbronner 

“The course was really helpful as it brought up thoughts and feelings about past job situations that I was not really aware of. It felt liberating to be able to let go of them. 

I enjoyed Leah and Sharon’s welcoming attitude and interaction with the whole group.”  

Stathis G.


“I’ve been going around in circles for years about my livelihood for many reasons, and I had SO MANY important moments and things clicking into place during the workshop yesterday. 

Previously, I had a lot of thoughts and ideas about what my job should be or how it should feel. I think a lot of those ideas are either no longer true or weren’t true to begin with. I feel excited, not because I know exactly what to do or where to go or what actions to take now, but because I have a new perspective.  

I also think I was holding on to the feeling of being dissatisfied with my job because that’s what I’ve felt at every job; it’s familiar and comfortable to me. And it used to be easier to leave a job rather than stay and deal with the frustrations and difficulties of it. Plus, daydreaming about what else I could do (go back to school, become a coach, etc.) while dissatisfied at work also made me feel better/relieved — and probably more in control. So I’m excited and looking forward to returning to work with this new perspective. 


Teena M.

“Digging into memories and feelings about my career, I was surprised to discover one old belief that had been holding me back in my work. Thank you to Leah, Sharon and the Welcoming Way!” 

Steven C.
California, USA  

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“One of the mistakes we often make when we are trying to be serene is that we try and get the mind to shut up and stop being negative. The more we try to control the mind the more it rebels and the more we get lost in its rebellion. When you allow the mind to be as it is you find that there is a natural cooperation between mind and heart and between the mind and pure awareness. This opens you to being truly serene.”

-Hale Dwoskin, Sedona Method