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A Radical Approach to Freedom


A Radical Approach to Getting Unblocked.

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From Fixing to Flowing

The Welcoming Way is a simple, accessible practice for entering a powerful present moment where decisions, challenges, relationships, and goals can be understood, released or transformed.

Most coaching methods try to help you solve the problems you think you have. Welcoming is different: it invites you too explore the ideas and feelings that keep those problems stuck in place.

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The Welcoming Way won’t tell you what to do…
It will set you free to do amazing things.


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The Welcoming Way also provides a powerful set of tools for harmonious, high-functioning teams. Unblock creative flow and create immediate improvements in team dynamics, motivation and productivity.

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More Testimonials

“The Welcoming Way added an indispensable lens and toolkit to my coaching & Facilitator practice. The teaching and models allowed me to start using the method ASAP.”

Sue Heilbronner

Seasoned business leader, Conscious Leadership coach, and fearless catalyst for change

“This workshop was a fantastic exploration into self, into acceptance, and into letting go. I look forward to adding this to my coaching toolkit!”

Heather Frick

This was an intimate, high-intensity (but in a gentle way) learning opportunity filled with connection and challenge. I feel more excited to learn more about it now!”

Jamie Cole

“Above all, what I experienced working with Ryan was clarity… I cannot recommend working with Ryan enough because the sense of relief that comes with clarity is like nothing else. You should call him today. “

Derrick Kuhn

Founder, Managing Director – Brillity Digital


“The past few years had really caused me to hide my authentic self and think it wasn’t valued. I silenced my voice and chose to hide it. That had been a conflict within my soul. Thanks, Sharon, for lighting the fire and helping me see what I was blind to.”

Matt B

Director, Microsoft Corp

Most of us think that happiness will come from fixing or changing those parts of ourself that we think are in the way. The amazing thing is that happiness, healing and peace actually come from giving up fixing or changing those things.

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