Freedom From Fear

What if you don’t need to “face your fears” in order to feel more free?
What if you don’t need to feel controlled by your fears either?
Sometimes “having a fear” feels like a problem. It can feel limiting, uncomfortable, embarrassing and infuriating.
By simply noticing and welcoming different facets of this “problem”, it can no longer feel as strong. Check and see for yourself in this course!
This is a radical and gentle practice to help you be free of a specific fear, like the fear of flying or the fear of a creature, or to be free of fear itself. Each section contains a guided exploration using the Sedona Method. As we unravel each of these subconscious knots that are holding the fear in place, there is no need to force yourself to face the fear; rather, the resistance to that thing will dissolve and fall away.

0:00 – Choosing a Fear to Work on
3:06 – What does Fear Feel Like?
6:21 – Let Go of Resisting the Sensations
10:56 – Let Go of What is Motivating the Fear
18:09 – Unwinding the Layers of the Pattern with Welcoming
27:53 – Noticing what has Shifted

As you think about taking action in the direction of your fear, you may notice more resistance come up. That’s ok. You can welcome it and let it go and you can use these recordings over and over again. Be sure to keep a journal of any progress you make and any opening or freedom you notice – this helps you from believing the mind when it tries to convince you to give up and go back to the old, familiar pattern.
This Exploration is brought to you by⁠ ⁠Sharon Cavanaugh⁠⁠ at ⁠⁠⁠⁠.
*Disclaimer: The Sedona Method and Welcoming Way do not diagnose, treat or advise about medical or mental illness. Please use your judgement to seek help of a medical professional of your choice.

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