Welcoming Way Workshop

Career Clarity:

Embark on Your Next Endeavor 

Friday, Aug 11 | 9 am – 3 pm PT

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Ready for a new job?



Weary of coffee dates, introductions and interviews? 

Frustrated by searching through postings online? 

Unsure which directions to pursue?

Does your mind make up reasons why you can’t have what you really want? 

Do you sometimes feel like…

Networking is inauthentic and draining? 

Most jobs come with too much compromise? 

You want to take your time, but you also have urgency or fear about money?


You are not alone.

Trying to figure out what to do with your life can create a lot of internal and external pressure.

Some job search advice focuses on… 

  • Getting yourself “out there”
  • Resume writing 
  • Honing your elevator pitch
  • Dressing for success 
  • Networking, networking, networking!
  • Dream boards and positive affirmations
  • Contorting yourself to get hired
  • Projecting confidence

There is another approach.

What if there is wisdom in this disruption?

Rushing to replace an old job with a new job can leave you in the same patterns with the same complaints.

But a small amount of supportive introspection can lead to

big transformation.

What if finding your next job could be fun and simple

What if you don’t have to work so hard to figure it all out?  

What if you could clear away the noise and contradictions?

How might it feel to do this collaboratively and creatively 

The goal of this workshop is for you to feel much better about your current situation and more clear and courageous about your direction.

1. Clarify Your Vision

In the first part of the workshop, a series of helpful exercises will guide you through clarifying what you DO & DON’T want in your next job. You may already have some good ideas, and this will help you to get even more clear and focused.

2. Face Fears & Doubts

Then we’ll guide you through exploring thoughts and feelings that might give the illusion of keeping you safe, but are actually keeping you running in circles. 

3. Take Inspired Action

Finally, we’ll take a look at next steps. Sometimes feeling stuck comes from believing you have to take certain actions that you have resistance to taking.  You will practice tools to release yourself from the grip of “shoulds” to make space for inspired action.  




(Deferred payment available upon request)



Friday, August 11

9 am – 3 pm PT
12 pm – 6 pm ET

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Focus on the event rather than having to take copious notes. After the event, repeat any exercises that really worked for you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee if you don’t feel more clear, relieved, and confident by the end of this workshop  (30 days to ask for refund) 

If you land your dream job between signing up and the start date of the workshop, we’ll send you a full refund and a big “Congratulations!!”

What our Community is Saying

The Welcoming Way added an indispensable lens and toolkit to my coaching & Facilitator practice. The teaching and models allowed me to start using the method ASAP.”

Sue Heilbronner

Seasoned business leader, Conscious Leadership coach, and fearless catalyst for change

This workshop was a fantastic exploration into self, into acceptance, and into letting go. I look forward to adding this to my coaching toolkit!”

Heather Frick

This was an intimate, high-intensity (but in a gentle way) learning opportunity filled with connection and challenge. I feel more excited to learn more about it now!”

Jamie Cole

Above all, what I experienced working with Ryan was clarity… I cannot recommend working with Ryan enough because the sense of relief that comes with clarity is like nothing else. You should call him today. “

Derrick Kuhn

Founder, Managing Director – Brillity Digital


The past few years had really caused me to hide my authentic self and think it wasn’t valued. I silenced my voice and chose to hide it. That had been a conflict within my soul. Thanks, Sharon, for lighting the fire and helping me see what I was blind to.”

Matt B

Director, Microsoft Corp

Meet Your Facilitators

Leah and Sharon have been close friends and collaborators for nearly a decade. They both left corporate careers to create the lives an livelihoods that they love and are as passionate about their own growth as they are supporting others in finding the freedom and joy that’s always available right here, right now.

Leah Pearlman

CoFounder / Coach

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Sharon Cavanaugh


CoFounder / Coach

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