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Autumn Day-Long Retreat

Boulder, CO


Saturday, Sept 16 | 10 am – 5 pm MT

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Magic happens when a group of people come together with the intention of being free


Imagine: What would it be like to be okay, like really okay, pretty much all the time no matter what is happening around you?

What if you could treat yourself kindly no matter the circumstances?

How would life feel once you’ve set yourself and the people around you free from needing to change one single thing for you to be ok?  

If you’re not putting so much time and energy into berating, fixing or changing yourself,  imagine the energy and mental space you’d free up?

You may be afraid if you stop pushing yourself, you will end up a listless directionless couch potato.

But it’s just the opposite!  While you may choose to give yourself more rest, balance, and space, overall you will have more creative ideas, motivation and new options available.  

Join us for a day of connection, clarity and support

What you can expect:

Come As You Are

The Welcoming Way meets you where you are. You may be facing difficult life-circumstances or wanting to realize a vision. There is nothing you need to prepare. The day together will reveal whatever is ready to be set free. 

Welcoming In Action

Practice what is like to Welcome in every day events. Each day there are things that “trigger” us or situations we avoid. We will practice being with those in a way that offers more freedom and choice. This can be done privately.

Experience Relief

Just by bringing hard problems to awareness in a deeply supportive environment, you may be surprised how much short-term and lasting change you notice. 

“One of the mistakes we often make when we are trying to be serene is that we try and get the mind to shut up and stop being negative. The more we try to control the mind the more it rebels and the more we get lost in its rebellion. When you allow the mind to be as it is you find that there is a natural cooperation between mind and heart and between the mind and pure awareness. This opens you to being truly serene.”

-Hale Dwoskin, Sedona Method

The goal of this workshop is to have more clarity and relief around long-standing issues.

Common Results of the Welcoming Way:

  • More enjoyment of everyday life
  • Less urgency
  • More courage using inner guidance to make decisions
  • Ability to trust one’s self
  • Less stress
  • Ability to see more options
  • A feeling of wholeness, worthiness and more

Our day together will include:


  • Group exploration
  • 1:1 support
  • Solitary reflection time
  • Learning new tools
  • Lunch break (off-campus)
  • Movement, play and laughter
  • Expanding comfort zones
  • Fun, healing, connection





Integrated Work

2595 Canyon Blvd STE 330
Boulder, CO 80302

Saturday, Sept 16th

10 am – 5 pm MT

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Meet Your Facilitators

Leah and Sharon have been close friends and collaborators for nearly a decade. They both left corporate careers to create the lives an livelihoods that they love and are as passionate about their own growth as they are supporting others in finding the freedom and joy that’s always available right here, right now.

Leah Pearlman

CoFounder / Coach

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Sharon Cavanaugh


CoFounder / Coach

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What our Community is Saying

The Welcoming Way added an indispensable lens and toolkit to my coaching & Facilitator practice. The teaching and models allowed me to start using the method ASAP.”

Sue Heilbronner

Seasoned business leader, Conscious Leadership coach, and fearless catalyst for change

The Welcoming Way workshop invited me to explore growth edges, to let go of my tendencies to “worry” and “fix,” to move from resistance to peace. As a partner, a mom, a leader, and a coach, I am thrilled to be able to add Welcoming to my toolkit.”

Heather F.

Chief Marketing Officer, Assent

Leah’s understanding of how our mind and emotions flow and her ability to bring participants to the present moment is absolutely Magical!”

Ryan S.

Leah and Sharon demonstrate the power of just being…being themselves, being present, being loving.”

Kim W.

Director of Product Management, OnSolve


I wanted to thank you for this workshop. It was so many things. I think the biggest descriptors to me are expanding and liberating while also grounding. This was an intimate, high-intensity (but in a gentle way) learning opportunity filled with connection and challenge. I feel more excited to learn more about it now!”

Jamie C.