Alex Clark


I’m Alex and I understand the challenges life can throw at us, having addressed and overcome social fears, societal pressures, difficult relationships, career challenges, and physical ailments in the past. While working a 9-5 corporate career as a consultant, I have been helping others overcome their apparent obstacles and blockages consistently for several years
outside of work.

Back in 2004, I heard there was a simple, yet powerful way to “welcome” and “let go” of the blocks that typically hold us back. I thought this either sounded too good to be true or it just would not work for me. When I tried a few of these simple processes, I was amazed it was even possible to feel as good as I did. Soon after, some of my long-standing problems started dropping away. Now, almost 2 decades later, I can more easily handle life’s challenges and help others do the same. I know how powerful it can be when life shifts for the better with “welcoming” and “letting go” and would like to support you with these easy-to-use tools and help accelerate your progress towards your goals. Also, I practice some teachings from Native American traditions to assist people on their healing journeys.

Whether you want to have better finances, improved relationships, better health, more freedom, or overcome any particular problem. I’d like to support you in achieving your goals. Let me help you strengthen your power and abilities to address whatever challenges or obstacles come your way and better navigate your life.

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